5 Tips For A Hassle-Free Masskara Festival Visit

MASSKARA FESTIVAL – The Masskara Festival in Bacolod City is one great celebration that you should witness at least once in your lifetime.

Based on a previous report, the said Bacolod celebration is held every October in the City of Smiles. It is inspired by the genuine and optimistic character of the Bacolodnons.

The very first Masskara Festival held in the city was in 1980. It was during the year that the city was left in grief after the tragic incident that left many Negrenses dead – the collision between a tanker and the MV Don Juan.

During that time, the sugar economy was not also doing well. The sugar is the primary product of the city and during that time its price dropped.

Despite all the odds and as a way to lift the people from the sad atmosphere, the Masskara Festival was still pursued.

Masskara Festival
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Every Masskara Festival, there are lots of fun activities that are being held in the city and there are booths set up in the plaza area.

Furthermore, there is also a pageant held – the Search for the Masskara Queen which is participated by the beautiful Negrense women.

Another highlight of the celebration aside from the Search for the Masskara Queen is the street dance parade which showcases jaw-dropping dance performances as each group is eager to show what they have prepared and to stand out among the other performers.

Truly, Masskara Festival is a celebration that is worth-witnessing. Are you planning to come to Bacolod City to witness it this October? Here are five tips that you may consider for a more wonderful and hassle-free Masskara Festival visit.

1. Check carefully the address of the hotel where you are staying.

It is important that you know if the hotel where you are staying is located in an area wherein the roads are usually closed for the celebration. In this case, you will know where to get a ride or how near or far you will have to walk to get to your other specific destinations.

2. Check the schedule of activities.

Through checking the schedule of activities, there is a lesser chance for you to miss the fun events. Also, you can plan out with regards to which activities you would really prepare for.

3. Bring a small bag and a mineral water always.

Most especially during the celebration week, many roads are closed and you will have to walk your way to the areas where the jeepneys pass by. It is good that you have water with you. Furthermore, bringing just a small bag can help add comfort as it won’t be heavy to carry and it is not bulky to be placed in front of you as you walk.

4. If you are not familiar with Bacolod City, you may have a print-out mini map.

If you are not familiar with the areas around the city, it would be easier for you if you have a mini-map so you won’t be lost or at least waste your time finding for the right path that could lead you back to the hotel where you’re staying or to a specific destination.

5. Enjoy and forget about the works that you have left behind for a while.

No matter how fun the activities are, you won’t be able to enjoy them or to at least have a good time watching them if your mind is full of the works that you have to finish when you get back or the deadlines that you will have to catch. The best thing to do is to free your mind from pressures and remember why you are in Bacolod City – that is to enjoy.

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