Have you experienced joining the Lem-Lunay Festival?

LEM-LUNAY FESTIVAL – This September 2018, you and your loved ones may experience your first Lem-Lunay Festival.

All year round, there are numerous festivals held in the different parts of the Philippines. Undeniably, there are many people whose bucket lists include joining and experiencing other festivals. Are you also one of them?

For the month of September, two of the festivals that will be celebrated are the Lem-Lunay Festival in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and the Feast of Nuestra Señora Peñafrancia in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

With regards to the former festival mentioned, it is also called as T’Boli Tribal Festival. Aside from the fact that it is in line with the celebration of the Feast of Sta. Cruz, it is also a thanksgiving celebration of the T’Boli Tribe.

Lem-Lunay Festival
Photo lifted from ITS ALL ABOUT FIESTA

According to Philippine Primer, the said festivity has originally gathered the six major tribes in the province of South Cotabato. They are the T’Boli, the Maguindanao, the Ubo, the Tasaday, the Kalangan, and the Manobo.

The Lem-Lunay Festival is a blend of tribal rites and the Catholic rites. The celebration also includes tribal dances and as well as games. Currently, it is no longer a small festivity but one that also gathers tribal representatives from nearby provinces.

Lem-Lunay Festival Celebration
Photo lifted from Philippine Primer (Courtesy of Pinoy Culture)

Based on the article, the Lem-Lunay Festival is celebrated every third week of September. As of this writing, the schedule of events and activities has yet to be released. We’ll keep you posted as soon as there is an available update the upcoming event.

How to get to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato?

To get to the said part of the province of South Cotabato, you may book a flight to General Santos. In Gen San, take a tricycle ride to Yellow Bus Line terminal and board a bus that is bound to Koronadal. The travel will take around an hour.

From the bus terminal in Koronadal, take a bus ride going to Surrallah. It is where you can board a jeep or van going to Lake Sebu.

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