Preparation for the Chinese New Year 2018 Begins

CHINESE NEW YEAR – Are you also one of those people who are excited and currently preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year 2018?

One of the big events in the calendar of the Chinese people is the Chinese New Year or also called as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. It is celebrated at the turn of the lunisolar Chinese calendar.

Chinese New Year 2018
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For this year, the Chinese New Year will fall on February 16 which is on Friday. In the Chinese tradition, the celebration of the New Year is anchored in honoring the deities and the ancestors.

During Chinese New Year, lots of Chinese people are preparing foods such as dumplings, good fortune fruit, niangao, spring rolls, fish, noodles, and tangyuan. Festival parades are also happening on the street.

Chinese New Year 2018
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The big celebration is not only held in China alone but as well as in several parts of the world including the neighboring countries of China – Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Lots of Chinese people are living in the Philippines that is why it is one of the countries that celebrate with China every Chinese New Year. Lots of parades and events are being held in the different parts of the country during the celebration.

In Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the Bacolaodiat Festival is held and the main streets are decorated prior to the big day and then closed during the celebration. Many Filipinos are also considering eating the traditional Chinese food Tikoy during the celebration.

On the night of the celebration, there are also fireworks in the place and street parade. Many Filipino people are witnessing and enjoying the activities and not just the Chinese ones. Usually, they also spend the day to be with their loved ones during the celebration.

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