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Krispy Kreme Branches
Visit this Krispy Kreme Branches in the Philippines KRISPY KREME BRANCHES - Are you looking for the areas where you can buy your favorite doughnuts by Krispy Kreme? Aside from J. Co, another famous cafe and doughnut restaurant in the Philippines is the Krispy Kreme. Many people love their doughnuts for its unique and extremely delicious flavors. When you visit one of...
J Co Donuts
Have you tried the J Co donuts? J CO DONUTS - One of the perfect and delicious treats that you can give to yourself is a J. Co donut. When it comes to donuts, one of the most prominent restaurants serving it is the cafe restaurant J. Co. It is not only known in the Philippines but as well as abroad. J....
Vikings Logo
Have you tried dining at Vikings? Vikings is undeniably one of the most prominent eat-all-you-can restaurants in the Philippines now. It is known for its luxury buffet serving unlimited delicious food and drinks to the guests. As an eating place, it never fails to impress both young ones and adults. The luxury buffet serves sumptuous cuisines, local and international, and as well...
Bacolod Chicken Inasal
Bacolod Chicken Inasal BACOLOD CHICKEN INASAL - Aside from the Masskara Festival which is a fun celebration in Bacolod City, another pride of the place is the 'chicken inasal' which it is also known of. Bacolod City which is tagged as the City of Smiles has a lot to offer whether you are a local vacationer from another region in the...
Going around the Philippines will never be complete without foods. Yes! Not just because you get hungry along the way of your travel but because you can’t feel being at home in the Philippines if you haven’t tried eating the food Filipinos made and love to eat. Filipino street foods aren’t that popular across the globe but needless to say,...